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Newsletter 83 - January 2012

Jan 3rd - Free free painting night and prep for Next week's AGM.
Jan 10th – AGM and return of work following Littleborough Coach House Exhibition.
Jan17th – Come and use our lino printing equipment and make a masterpiece. Then bring a finished piece in to the appraisal on Mar 13th.
Jan 24th- Theme night start a piece of work on this quarters theme pop art and poster art style. There will be an appraisal on Feb 14th.
Jan 31st – Bring in an object with great texture and try to replicate its texture in any art medium.

Feb 7th – Shahida will give us a demo and inspire us to do a piece of work for the appraisal on Feb 28th.
Feb 21st – At the workshop there will be up to 4 tables set up at each table someone will be teaching a skill or technique.

Mar 6th - Will be a watercolour demo by local artist Jo Grady who will demo a watercolour with animals or birds in the scene.
We can participate on the night so bring in your own watercolour paper and paints.
Hopefully Jo will inspire us to do a piece and we will have an appraisal night on Mar 27th.

The Coach House, Littleborough Exhibition

Rochdale Artists Winter Exhibtion 2011

3rd December 2011 to 7th January 2012
Preview Event - TBC

A winter exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Newsletter 82 - September 2011


Sept 13th – John Edwards will be our life drawing model.
Sept 27th – John Shepherd will be talking about his recent commission and inspire us with an art task to do, with an appraisal on Oct 25th

Oct 4th – A night drawing caricatures, bring in a picture of a famous face to sketch or do someone in the class.
Oct 11th – Colin Gilbert will do a talk/demonstration on watercolour techniques and inspire us with an art task to do, with an appraisal on Nov 15th

Nov 1st - Colin Fielding will give a talk on the history of cubism and inspire us with an art task to do, with an appraisal on Nov 22nd
Nov 8th – We are hoping to hold a SILENT AUCTION please bring in any unwanted items so that we can share and bid!
Nov 29th – Selection night for Littleborough Coach House exhibition. Up to 3 pictures per member, don't forget to use D rings.

Dec 6th – An evening with the Rochdale Cine Club watching local archive film.
Dec 13th - FOUNDERS PLATE. Everyone to bring in one piece of art work to enter.

Other Events

PEOPLE'S ART at Touchstones Rochdale
Hand in dates 13th-17th Sept.
Exhibition runs from Oct 1st -26th Nov

Theme Nights

To give you a reason to try something new join in our theme nights and be inspired by an artist, a new medium or a new subject.

Littleborough Coach House Exhibition

Starting Saturday 3rd December

Hollingworth Lake Visitors Centre Exhibition

Rochdale Artists Spring Exhibtion 2011

Thursday 14th July to Thursday 5th August 2011
Preview Event - Saturday 16th July 2.00 - 4.00pm

An exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Newsletter 81 - April 2011


Please note that 26th April is not a holiday as previously stated.

On 3rd May we will be painting something with a seasonal theme - spring flowers perhaps? Bring your own props.

On 10th May we will have a watercolour demonstration and talk by Paul Talbot-Greaves

On 17th May we will get our exhibition paintings back and also the corridor pictures will be changed. Consult with Veronica on how many are required.

On June 21st Lynne will demonstrate how to do Lino Printing. Hopefully we will have enough materials for you all to have a go.

On 2nd August Jeremy Taylor will give a talk and demonstration on watercolour.

On 16th August Gillian Murphy, who, with her husband has been living in a rural area in Uganda for a year, will tell us their experiences and show us how to make the beautiful beads that the villagers make to try to earn a little money.

Painting Outside

We hope some time during June, July or August to do some painting outside, depending on weather.


Our Hollingworth Lake Exhibition will run from Thursday 14th July to Thursday 5th August. The Preview will be on Saturday 16th July 2.00 - 4.00pm. Members can submit up to 3 paintings.

Don't forget also 'People's Art' and 'Littleborough Arts Week'. Info later.

Theme Nights

For these, which are optional, there will be a theme given out well in advance, and an informatl discussion on the paintings it inspires will take place on a designated Free Painting night.

Annual General Meeting

Well, it was a good turn out for our AGM this year and we managed to get through quite a lot of business around the running of the group. Thanks to all that came.

It was also the turn of voting in new officers for the committee. So, it has been an exciting time as we have some brand new committee members stepping up, kept some valued and hard working officers and sadly lost a few really valued committee members this time too. We also have Lorraine Dewhirst now as a newly formed role of Membership Secretary, who will be co-ordinating welcoming potential new members etc.

So the committe now stands for 2011 - 2013 as...

President - Colin Gilbert

Chairperson - Bill Fielden

Secretary - David Bebbington

Treasurer - Margaret Morton

Membership Secretary - Lorraine Dewhirst

Events Secretary - Jenny Davis

Exhibition Secretary - Veronica Swinden

Publicity Secretary/Website Secretary -Stacey Coughlin

Newsletter Secretary - Stephen Slater

Other Committee Members -

- Karen Glowa

- Gay Wilsher

- Lynne Thompson

Unfortunately Shahida has had to step down as Chairperson this time and we all want to thank her for all her hard work and dedication to the group over the years, as well as to Lynne who has resigned as Exhibition Secretary.

And so our new committee hope to keep up the good work for another two years! If you have any queries, thoughts or ideas for the group, please speak to any member of the committee. Thanks

Newsletter 80 - Jan 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

A FREE-free Painting Night each month!

It's official! - The first free painting night of each month will now be free from now on.


On Jan 4th we will be painting soemthing with a seasonal theme - Christmas detritus perhaps? Bring your own props.

On Jan 11th the exhibition pictures will be redistributed

On Jan 18th the corridor pictures will be changed. consult with Veronica on how mancy are required.

On Feb 1st we will be having a portrait evening. We wil make groups of three or four and draw each other's portraits.

The Annual General Meeting takes place on Feb 15th.
Members of the committee will be resigning, so give it some thought as to wheterh you would like to take a more active part in the running of the Society by becoming a committee member.

On Feb 22nd George will be giving us a talk.

On March 8th MIke Davis will be illustrating his talk on composition with his own photographs.

On March 29th John Whyman will be talking about his work in Taking Art in the Community and how the SAA have helped enlarge the scope of this. He will also be demostrating.

On April 19th Pat King will give us a talk on how to use the various media available for drawing.

28th April the centre will be CLOSED for Easter.

Founder's Plate 2010

Congratulations to Gay Wilsher who won this years Founder Plate Competition.

Hebden Bridge Exhibition

Rochdale Artists Hebden Bridge Exhibtion 2010 Rochdale Artists Hebden Bridge Exhibtion 2010 Rochdale Artists Hebden Bridge Exhibtion 2010

Sat & Sun 25/26th September
Sat & Sun 2/3rd October 2010
Preview Event - Saturday 25th September 12.00 - 2.00pm

An exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Newsletter 79 - September 2010

Our exhibition at Hebden Bridge on the weekends 25/26 September and 2/3 October and will need invigilators for this. They should be in twos and prepared for a three-hour stint. We will hang the exhibition on Wednesday 22nd September and our preview will be on Saturday 25th September 12.00-2.00pm.

Our other exhibition is at Littleborough Coach House 27th November until 1st January as previously announced.

On October 5th We will have our Still Life evening. Bring something not too large to draw or paint and we will talk about composition.

On October 19th David Dixon will be modelling for us.

On October 26th Gay will give us a talk on abstract painting and tell us about her own art.

On November 9th by courtesy of North West Film Archive we will be showing a DVD on Walter Kershaw’s early career. It shows a young Walter, beavering away at sides of houses and whole blocks of flats and is a real must-see.

On November 23rd is the selection night for the Coach House exhibition.

On November 30th we will have our Life Model appraisal.

On December 14th is our Founder’s Plate and party evening. Our guest appraiser will be Pat King. Please bring along your best painting from the last 12 months to vie for the prestigious Founders Plate!

We reconvene on Tuesday 4th January.

New Gallery - Now Online

You can now view new work by Rochdale Artists members in our gallery section.

Rochdale Artists Gallery Three Rochdale Artists Gallery Three Rochdale Artists Gallery Three

Hollingworth Lake Visitors Centre Exhibition

Rochdale Artists Spring Exhibtion 2010

Thursday 22nd April - Tuesday 11th May 2010
Preview Event - Saturday 24th April 2.00 - 4.00pm

An exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Updated Programme

A few of our events have been re-arranged. Please check the latest newsletter to see what's on.

Newsletter 78 - April 2010

On April 13th we will have the still life that was cancelled due to snow. Bring something to draw or paint and we will talk about the 'wow factor'. On April 20th there will be a selection night for Hollingworth Lake Exhibition. Members only - so please pay your subs if you have not already done so.

On May 11th Geoff Harrop will be running a silent auction. He has some painting equipment passed on to him and I am sure the rest of us have books etc. that we have finished with. The proceeds go into club funds. On May 18th Colin Gilbert will give us a talk on framing and demonstrate mount-cutting. On May 25 Colin Reeve will give the rescheduled talk on African art.

On June 8th Shahida will demonstrate pastel painting. June 22 and 29th the centre is closed. Weather permitting we should be able to arrange some outdoor painting.

On July 20th Angela will be modelling for us. We all find it difficult to draw from life but it is well worth the effort in terms of improved technique.

On August 17th our acrylics expert Stuart Clough will be back with us to show us his paintings and demonstrate his technique. It is four years since he last came and he has gone from strength to strength.

"Louise Day - Textiles in Art" - Appraisal

After her wonderful talk, Louise Day has agreed to come back to do the appraisal evening on 9th February.
She had asked members to produce a piece of work that has 5 different materials; preferably including some that you haven't used before!

Bad Weather - Events Cancelled

Due to the terrible weather conditions we have decided to cancel some events:

  • 5th Jan - Still Life evening
  • 12th Jan - Video - "Painting in the Community"

The centre will be open for free painting if you wish to venture out, but John Whyman's DVD will now be shown on 2nd February (instead of the Still Life appraisal).

Founder's Plate 2009

Congratulations to Steve Molloy who won the Founder's Plate 2009 with his painting "Argument Over".
You can see some images from the night on our Past Events Gallery or on Michael J Davis Flickr page

Newsletter 77 - Jan 2010


On January 5th please bring something shiny, such as cutlery or other metal articles for a still life.

On January 12th Veronica and Betty will tell us about their adventures painting in the community and show us John Whyman's SAA video.

On January 19th Louise Day from the group Imagengine will talk about textile art and her involvement with imagengine.

On February 16th We will hold the Annual General meeting. It is important that everybody comes to this to renew their subscription to the Society and to air your views.

On February 23rd Geoff Harrop will be talking about inks and how they differ from watercolour.

Our male life model on March 9th will be David who scored quite a hit with us in the last session.

On April 13th Colin Reeve will be talking about the art he studied when in the Sahara region of Africa as a young man.


We are pleased to announce that there will be three exhibitions in 2010:

1.Hollingworth Lake during the Summer - date to be confirmed.
2 The Festival Shop Hebden bridge for the two weekends 25/26 September and 2/3 October.
3.Littleborough Coach House 27th November for 4 weeks.

NB When presenting your artwork for exhibition please remember to use D-rings (flat rings) at all times and to affix these about one third down from the top of the frame.

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