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Newsletter 73 - September 2008


2nd September - Change of corridor pictures. If you wish to have a picture in the corridor, please bring one in.

On 9th September Toni White: Painting Icons in Egg Tempera. Toni will clarify the various 'rules' of icon painting and also demonstrate in egg tempera.

On 16th September we have the appraisal for Geoff's miniature sky painting.

On 30th September we have the appraisal for the Icon painting

On 7th October Pat King will demonstrate Drawing Techniques in Still Life.

21st October Appraisal for the drawing techniques

11th November Mike Davis: 'Ways of Seeing'
Mike is an experienced photographer and will present some visual images to lead us to a discussion how artists (whether fine art or photographic) are stimulated to find, identify and present subjects for their work.

25th November - Selection night for Littleborough Coach House Exhibition. Preview for this is 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Sat. 29th November.

2nd December - Appraisal for Mike Davis' talk.

16th December Christmas Party and Founders Plate. Entries for this must have been painted in the last 12 months and be entirely original.
23rd and 30th December Centre Closed

6th January Reconvene

Hollingworth Lake Exhibition 2008

Hollingworth Lake Exhibition Poster

Thurs 10th July - Mon 28th July
Hollingworth Lake Visitors Centre

Preview - Saturday 12th July 2.00 - 4.00pm

Hollingworth Lake Exhibition Hollingworth Lake Exhibition Hollingworth Lake Exhibition

Also, this year Rochdale Artists are planning a 'Have a Go' Experience!
Sunday 20th July 11.00 - 3.00pm

Members can now download the entry form on the Extras page.

Rochdale Artists Workshops and Demos for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing - National Learning at Work Day

We have been approached by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to take part in their "National Learning at Work Day" events, which will be taking place on Thursday 22nd May.

The main purpose of the day is to get employees interested in other recreational activities to help alleviate stress; with painting being a perfect example!

It will be from 10.00am - 3.00pm and be set up in stalls with other activities and information stands on health issues, the environment etc. so that staff can pop in any time during the day.

They have asked the group to come and either do a talk/demonstrate/interactive workshop; depending on what members feel like doing. We already have volunteers for charcoal drawing, watercolour sessions and just talking to people about art and the group.

It will hopefully be a good opportunity to advertise ourselves and maybe attract a few new members! If anyone would like to get involved for the day or for a few hours at any particular site, please let me know.

Newsletter 72 - May 2008


On 13th May New Paintings for hanging in the corridor.
If you would like to bring a painting for hanging in the corridor, or even more than one, bring it along. They will be hung during the week. If you already have paintings hanging you may take them home tonight.

On 20th May we have the Vase of Flowers appraisal

On 27th May Walter Kershaw: :- Painting Outside
Weather permitting, Walter would like to walk us round to the next street along, (Partington Street) and give us the chance to paint outside. Bring gouache if you have it., otherwise, anything you are happy with. Also something to sit on.

On 10th June we have the appraisal for painting outside.

On 24th June the centre is closed but we hope to have an evening painting outside at Slattocks. Geoff will organise this, weather permitting.

On 8th July We have the Selection night for the Hollingworth Lake Exhibition. Please make sure that all your pictures are properly framed and have flat rings. We will be setting up the exhibition on the 9th. The preview is on 12th July, 2.00pm until 4.00pm. The exhibition will be taken down on 29th July.

On 15th July Discussion about 'Art Experience'
We are having a kind of 'Art Experience for the Public' at Hollingworth Lake on 20th July and we need to discuss what we are doing and who will be doing it.

On 22nd July We will have a speaker to address us; the speaker will be confirmed later.

On 5th August We have a talk by John Shepherd. John has been doing an art course at college and will share his enthusiasms with us.

On 19th August we have the appraisal for John shepherd

Newsletter 71 - Jan 2008

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is going to be held on 12th February. If you feel you have anything to discuss, please come along.
It is also the time of year for annual subscriptions at £10. If you could please fill in a details form, which will be available on the AGM night and they are also available for download.


On the 8th January Barbara will run a video, subject to be decided. It will also be a free painting evening, with a meeting of the Exhibition sub-committee.
On 22nd January we have the appraisal for Steve's painting from photographs talk. Please remember to bring the photograph from which you painted your picture and be prepared to discuss.
On 29th January Geoff will be running a Silent Auction, to raise money for the society. Please bring any art books or materials which you are prepared to part with.

On 19th February Colin Gilbert will demonstrate Watercolour Painting. Colin paints with beautiful colours and a loose technique.

On 4th March Barbara will run a Preparation evening for life drawing. On April 1st we will be having a life model and an instructor. In order to get the best out of the evening we will have two preparation evenings. There will be a series of ten - minute sittings, taking it in turns to be the sitter, and you will be shown how to use a measuring stick, a plumb-line and a viewfinder.
On 11th March we have the appraisal for Colin Gilbert's talk.
On 18th March Gay will lead the second preparation evening for life drawing. Gay will clear up any problems we may have and there will again be ten minute sittings.

On 1st April we have the Life Drawing evening. Pat King will bring a life model with her and will talk us through the process of drawing from life. Hopefully our preparations will give us a good chance of making the best of this wonderful opportunity.
On 8th April we have the Appraisal for life drawing. This will be an informal discussion on the previous week's work and what we got out of it.
On 22nd April Jenny will give a talk on the problems of painting a vase of flowers.

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