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Our 30th Celebrations

Many Thanks to the members, past and present, friends, and supporters of Rochdale Artists that came to our 30th celebrations. The Mayor attended and officially opened our exhibition, with the help of Councillor Janet Emsley.

Seamus Kelly generously wrote a poem for the occasion, which can be read here

Rochdale Artists 30 Exhibtion 2017

Rochdale Artists 30 Exhibtion 2017

Rochdale Artists 30 Exhibtion 2017

Art Exhibition at Littleborough Coach House

Rochdale Artists Exhibtion 2017

Sat 28 Oct to 26 Nov 2017

An exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.
The first ever meeting of Rochdale Artists' was held on 8th Dec 1987. To mark this occasion, Rochdale Artists are celebrating with a special 30th anniversary event and exhibition.

Events September - December 2017

Sept 12 - Appraisal night for your pictures drawn on the life drawing evening in August.
Sept 26 - Artist Henry Caunce will be demonstrating a landscape in oils.

Oct 10 - Bring in your own pastel materials to have a go, learn new techniques, pick up tips and tricks.
Oct 17 – Appraisal night of your oil paintings – inspired by the Henry Caunce demo.
Oct 24 – Collection Night of your art work for our autumn exhibition at the Coach House.

Nov 07 – Time to clear out your cupboards ! Bring in all your unwanted art materials, paper, paints, brushes, art books etc., for our Silent Auction night – and make bids on 'new to you' goods !!
Nov 14 – Colin Reeve will talk to us about sketching versus drawing - bring in your sketchbooks to show.
Nov 28 – Elaine Clarkson will hold a flower painting workshop in watercolour. Bring in tracing paper, watercolour paper, paints and brushes.

Dec 12 - Founders Plate and Xmas Party night.

Events May - August 2017

May 9th Bring in your pen and wash inspired work.
May 16th Workshop try your hand at pyrography and bring your sketch book to do some still life practice.
Mon May 22nd Committee meeting
May 30th Bring any piece of work old or new to show and discuss with the group.

June 6th Meet at Geoff Butterworth's exhibition space in
The Bank Gallery, 847-849 Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale, OL11 2UY
To view over a 100 of his paintings and an attend an audience with Geoff.

On 27th June is our annual Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge

July 11th A talk by Urban artist Judith Alsop Miles. The appraisal for work inspired by this night will be Aug 1st. Please bring some basic materials: sketchbook or pad suitable for light washes, fineliner or fountain pen with permanent ink, graphite pencil and watercolours or watercolour pencils.

Aug 15th We have a life model and drawing coach for the evening come and practice sketching the human form. There will be an appraisal of the work on Aug 29th.

Also, our quarterly theme this time is the 1920's.

Newsletter 100

This month is our group's 100th newsletter. Thank you to David Bebbington who still has a collection of early newsletters - including No.1!

As a small celebration of this milestone, we have digitised our archives and you can now view pdfs of our previous newsletters on our newsletters archive page.

Art Exhibition at Hollingworth Lake Visitors Centre

Rochdale Artists Exhibtion 2017

Sat 27 Jan to 26 Feb 2017

An exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Events January - April 2017

Jan 10th - Bring in your seascape painting for appraisal inspired by Sarah Morley's demo in Nov 2016.
17th - Collection night for paintings for Hollingworth Lake Exhibition.
24th - Karen Lyons will give a talk on her recent paintings and sculptures.
31st - Come in tonight and collect a sketchbook to decorate and use throughout February. Bring in your full sketchbook on 28th Feb for a 'show and tell'.

Feb 7th - We will go bakc to basics tonight using biros and crayons to produce some art work. Look up 'Mr Crayola' for ideas
14th - Talk on 'Tone' by George, our President.

March 7th - Annual General Meeting
14th - Itens will be needed to join in this Watercolour Workshop. There will be an appraisal April 4th
21st - Workshop working with Air Dry Clay - making tiles, pinch pots or bowls. We will be painting these the following week (28th)

April 18th - Demo night by John Harrison on pen and wash. There will be an appraisal night in May.

Art Exhibition at Littleborough Coach House

Rochdale Artists Exhibtion 2016

Sat 22 Oct to 20 Nov 2016

A winter exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.

Events September - December 2016

September 13th - Bring in an unusal object to sketch or use one of ours.
20th - Bring in a piece of artwork to decorate the corridor.
27th - Walter Kershaw with give a talk on 'Urban Art'.

October 11th - Bring in some card for backing old photos, magazines or old books you can use to make your picture and a bird or wold animal picture you can replicate as a collage. (PVA glue, spatulas and some magazines supplied). There is also an appraisal for this Nov 8th for your finished piece.
18th - Bring in your pictures (with D-rings attached) ready for hanging for our Littleborough Coach House Exhibition.
25th - Gay and Stephen will host interactive workshops. Come and practice new techniques!

Oct 22nd - Nov 20th
Littleborough Coach House Exhibition
Open Day Sat Oct 22nd

Nov 22nd - Sarah Morley will give us a demonstration on oil painting techniques.

Founders Plate - 6th December
Tonight is our Founder's Plate competition and Christmas buffet. Bring in your best piece of artwork from 2016 to be judged by our guest judge.

Events May - August 2016

May 3rd For those who wish, Veronica will lead a graphic design workshop on designing a logo for ART. Free painting is optional for members who prefer not to get involved.

May 10th Bring in a picture of a figure in clothes inspired by our life model in April.
May 24th Karen Glowa to do a workshop on the pen and ink technique of Alfred Wainwright, fell walker, guidebook author and illustrator.

June 14th John Hassall will hold a watercolour workshop please bring in:-

  • a No 10 or 12 watercolour brush
  • a No 4 rigger brush
  • a board to tape 11-15 inch paper to (paper supplied)
  • a palate to mix paint
  • a water bowl
  • a cloth to your clean brushes
  • and 4 watercolours:-
    burnt umber, ultra-marine, lemon yellow and Paynes Grey.

Bring in your inspired work for appraisal on July 19th.

June 28th Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge night.
Please bring in a recent watercolour and enter it in our Challenge to be judged on the night by the art group members.

July 5th Bring your sketch books and pencils in and join Tony Smart as he sketches a model. Feel free to pick his brains for tips and techniques.
July 26th Our President George will give an informed talk on using tone to improve your artwork.

Aug 9th Appraisal on our theme Shakespeare's life and times.

Please check E-mails and notice board for any newsletter changes.

Our theme over the summer is 'The Life and Times of Shakespeare '. The appraisal will be held on Aug 9th

A sketch book will be going round the group. Each member will be given the opportunity to sketch or paint a picture of Rochdale, Middleton or Littleborough in this book, before passing it on to the next club member.

Members' Mural

Members' artwork at Rochdale Artists

Well done to all the members that contributed to this group artwork of 32 individual pieces, inspired by Georges Seurat. Created in March 2016.

Events January - April 2016

Happy New Year!

12th Jan Jeff and Karen will be doing an interactive workshop on ink and watercolour techniques and on making small wild animals from air dried clay.

2nd Feb Karen will be giving a talk on keeping a sketchbook.
16th Feb David and Shahida will be doing an interactive workshop on art miniatures and Acrylic paint techniques.

1st Mar Our Annual General Meeting. Please come along and have a say in how your art group should be run.
15th Mar Stephen and Lorraine will be doing an interactive workshop on figures in landscape and pastels.
22nd Mar As a group we will work together to enlarge a masterpiece. Come and collect a segment that you will enlarge to A4 size and the following week we will join them together to reveal the full picture on 29 March.

Founder's Plate 2015

8th December 2015

Congratulations to the winner of this years Founder's Plate, Lynn Wright.
Thank you to Karen Lyons for judging the competition.

Founder's Plate at Rochdale Artists

It was great to see the display of members' work, with over 30 pieces of a wide variety of different mediums and subjects.
And the pie supper was delicious!

Founder's Plate at Rochdale Artists Founder's Plate at Rochdale Artists

Founder's Plate at Rochdale Artists Founder's Plate at Rochdale Artists

Group Exhibition at Littleborough Coach House

Rochdale Artists Exhibtion 2015

24th Oct to 22nd Nov 2015

Opening Times:
Tuesday to Saturday: 11am to 4pm
Sunday: 1pm to 4pm
Closed Mondays.

An Autumn exhibition of current work by members of Rochdale Artists.
Perfect timing for unique gifts and Christmas shopping!

Colin Gilbert Retrospective

11th – 13th September 2015
St Leonards Church will host the exhibition as part of Middleton Heritage Weekend.

9.30am – 4.00pm Friday and Saturday and
2.00pm - 4.00pm on Sunday

Events September - December 2015

Sept 15th - Zentangle is drawing intricate patterns with fine marker pens, come and have a go at this relaxing and beautiful new trend.
Bring in your Zentangle artwork for appraisal on Oct 13th.

Sept 22nd - Lynne will lead a workshop on acrylic washes. Bring in a simple palette of black, red, blue and yellow paints, as well as brushes and paper to practice the washes yourself.
Bring a piece of work with acrylic washes for an appraisal on Oct 6th.

Oct 20th - Bring in your artwork for the Littleborough Coach House exhibition.

Oct 27th - Our Jenny is doing a talk on her art inspirations and how her style has developed.

Nov 3rd Bring in some of your work to show how your art has developed over the years and what inspired you.
Nov 17th - Keith Wiener will give a talk on watercolour materials. There will be a chance to purchase some art materials tonight.
Nov 24th - We will provide the card and envelopes come and make some Christmas cards you bring the ideas and art mediums.

Dec 8th - Tonight is our Founders Plate evening bring in your best artwork to be judged and enjoy a Christmas buffet. The winner will take home Our Founders Plate.

The centre will be closed 22nd and 29th December, re-opening 5th January 2016.

Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge

30th June 2015

All members were welcome to enter the Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge. There were over 25 entries on various themes, with food being served and the winner was decided through everyone at the event voting on the artworks.
Members of Colin's family also attended the event. Thank you to everyone made this a lovely evening.

Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge at Rochdale Artists

The winning painting "London Burning" by Carl Stockdale.

Events May - September 2015

On 5th May - A demonstration on how to paint with palette knives by Sarah Morley. Showing different knives and techniques she will aim to inspire us to ' have a go' ourselves. Bring in your painting for show and appraisal on 26th May.

June 2nd is the selection night for our exhibition at No 10 Gallery. The exhibition runs from Mon June 8th for four weeks.

George Hardy will give a talk on June 9th. The appraisal for work inspired by the talk will be June 23rd

Colin Gilbert Watercolour Challenge - 30th June

Bring in your watercolour (approxA4 size) and enter our Colin Gilbert Watercolour challenge. The winner is judged by ballot of our members and final choice if a tie, goes to our President George Hardy.

July 28th A night of sketching each other’s portraits using pencil, charcoal or pastels.

Aug 4th bring in a portrait of a famous face for appraisal inspired by Olga’s talk and our portrait workshop. (See her work at www.olgasgraphics.com)

Aug 18th and 25th community centre closed.

Jack Hammill

We were sad to hear of the death of our Co-Founder, Mr. Jack Hammill on 22nd March 2015.

Jack was a prolific artist, much admired for his outstanding talent and unique style, which he always encouraged people to emulate. Many people have attempted to produce work in his style over the years, but none has been as successful as he in these essays.

He was also a wonderful gentleman, teacher and motivator. He delivered many demonstrations to our group over the years and helped out a great deal in the early days of our groups' existence.

Jack is a former Rochdale Man of The Year and was the first member of our little group to have been awarded this honour. He was a life member of our society.

Events January - April 2015

On 6th Jan David Bebbington will look at perspective in art and Lorraine will be on hand to give advice on your pastel pictures. Bring in pencils, pastels and paper.

Bring in your sketch or painting of your favourite artist or your version of a favourite piece of artwork and tell us a bit about them on 10th February. The following week Jenny will give us an informative talk on a chosen theme and leave us inspired.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 3rd March. All members are invited to attend.

10th March - Demo from local artist Geoff Butterworth. Come and be inspired to a piece of artwork for the appraisak 31st March.

Shahida Dolan with be demonstrating on 7th April medium techniques. Bring in your paints, brushes and paper to join in. There is an appraisal on 21st April.

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